Official ExpressMC Rules


All rules listed here apply to all members of ExpressMC Server networks. Everyone is to read these rules to maintain the healthiest server environment. ExpressMC staff reserve the right to modify or alter any rule as they see fit. By playing ExpressMC Server Networks, you accept that we may require you to screen share if we think you are hacking.

Client Modifications, Hacks & More

The use of client modifications for Minecraft is strictly forbidden and instant retaliation is enforced. We advise using the Badlion client for a smoother experience. Anything that gives a significant advantage to the user or to their peers is considered an illegal modification to the client. Anything that also changes the way the user’s client communicates with the server is also strictly forbidden.

Please remember that punishments are at the staff member’s discretion, however, note that some offenses don’t require warnings for you to receive a punishment.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Hacked/blacklisted Clients
  • Resource packs, such as armor overlays and x-ray textures
  • Macros/Auto-Clickers
  • Scripting
  • Use of any form of fly boosting
  • World downloader
  • Blackmailing/Threats
  • Faking hacks or forging proof
  • Phishing

DDOS/DOX threats are illegal. Therefore, we do not accept even the smallest threat on our network and the player in question doing this will receive a permanent ban on all of their accounts.

Blackmailing or threatening to get someone banned if they don’t do as you tell them to is forbidden and will end up in a permanent ban on all accounts under your IP as well.

Regarding AFK Farming

If we can prove your focus is not in-game while you are performing an in-game-related action (literally anything except being completely AFK), we will consider you bannable. Our methods will include messaging, teleportation, or any other thing to try and get your attention.

Blacklisted Clients

  • All Hacked Clients
  • J3Ultimate
  • Podcrash+
  • CheatBreaker

Allowed Clients

  • Badlion Client(Replay Mod is not allowed)
  • Lunar Client
  • Labymod (reports submitted with Labymod won’t be accepted)
  • Pixelclient
  • PvPLounge
  • 5zig Client/Mod
  • Cosmic client

Due to these clients sending non-vanilla packets to our server AntiCheat (AC), we do not recommend using them. The responsibility of using these is completely on the player and if you do get banned by the AC you cannot appeal your punishment. If you have any modifications that you may be curious about, please contact a staff member. The responsibility of using these is completely on the player. For 100% safe gameplay use Badlion Client exclusively.

Allowed Modifications and Clients

  • Performance, graphics/animation, and aesthetics modifications
  • Armour, status & information HUDs
  • Minimap modifications that do not allow you to see players, mobs, or caves
  • Badlion Client
  • Toggle Sprint mod
  • Gamma/Fullbright mod
  • Schematica mod
  • Damage Indicators

Advertising and Inappropriate Links

Putting a link to another Minecraft server in the ExpressMC chat (in-game), discord, or on another platform that relates to another server other than ExpressMC is not allowed. This includes personal and global messages. Anyone caught doing so will be warned and then banned if consistent behavior is observed.

Sending a link/name/reference that is inappropriate or leads to an inappropriate website/picture will lead to punishment no matter where it’s posted.

In-game Chat Offenses

Profane content is strictly prohibited. We are a server for players of all ages so we refer to the PG-13 tag similar to that of movie ratings, specifically to chat context. We do not allow swearing, toxicity, racism, sexism, or inappropriate behavior in the chat. Using discriminatory, racist, homophobic, or sexual remarks can make players feel unwelcome on the server. These are considered bannable.

Spamming is not allowed on any part of our server, as it makes the chat hard to follow and sometimes obnoxious to read. What we consider spam are the following:

  • Sending the same/similar messages multiple times
  • Letter/number spam
  • Use of excessive capital letters

Bypassing the chat filter is also not allowed, we have this filter to prevent what’s stated above from happening.

Bypassing a Mute or Ban

When a player is muted or banned it is important not to bypass their punishment unless they want to receive a longer punishment.

If they get caught using signs, books, or renamed items to communicate while muted, an additional ban will be placed on said player.

Ban evading normally means a banned player is using an alternative account to play on the server which we do not allow. An alternate account playing on ExpressMC networks will result in a ban twice as long as the main account depending on the duration. This includes the main and the alternate account.

Offensive or Inappropriate Accounts

We do not accept inappropriate or offensive usernames on If a player has an obscene or profane username, they will be permanently banned until they change the username to something appropriate and has submitted an appeal on the forums.

Offensive or inappropriate skins and capes are not allowed on ExpressMC or its associated infrastructure. Users who abuse skins or capes will be banned permanently until the user has changed skin/cape and submitted an appeal on the forums. The accounts will be checked whether the skin/cape/username has been changed before un-banning the player in question.


Using a server glitch, bug, or exploit for your own and/or others’ advantage is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban. If an exploit, bug, or glitch is found on the server, it is required of you who found it to report it to staff ( so they to fix it, and not be abused by anyone else.

Griefing means intentionally destroying buildings of other players, this is allowed on the Factions and the Softcore Survival servers and is sometimes referred to as ‘raiding’.

Skyblock and Creative are friendly servers. Griefing should not be possible with sponge protection and Skyblock island protection or without adding people to your plot, but griefing is not allowed.

Respecting Staff and Players

Staff members are volunteers that are here to ensure the server runs smoothly and that the players are enjoying their time here. If you choose to disrespect or disregard them, you risk punishment. They are here to keep the server running for everyone and anyone getting in the way of sorting orders in the ExpressMC community will be punished.

ExpressMC community members are what make the server a fun and enjoyable experience. Being friendly and lighthearted towards each other never hurts and goes a long way to building relationships! We appreciate each other here on ExpressMC and want the environment to be as good as possible.


It may not be pleasant to be scammed by another player, but it is impossible for us to stop and it is something that comes naturally in a Factions server, therefore scamming is allowed on Factions. If you wish to make a safe trade you can use the auction house. Scamming with the auction house is not allowed on any of the game modes. Cross-server scamming is not allowed, this applies to the entire network; cross-server scamming is when a player scams someone through multiple servers on our network.

IRL scamming on our server will result in a permanent ban from our network.

Chargeback will also result in a permanent ban from our server till the money has been repaid, once you have purchased an item from our webshop you have accepted the terms and conditions so be careful before purchasing!

Regarding Impersonation and Pseudo-Staffing

Please do not impersonate or pretend to be a staff member. Staff members can be recognized by the Moderator, Admin, or Owner tags on their names. Do not pretend to be something you’re not. This includes falsifying information about relationships with staff members (ex: family or friends).

We have no problem with players helping other players, and in fact, we encourage it. However, please do not act as though you are a staff member. This is a form of impersonation, even though you may explicitly state that you are not related to the staff team. We ask that you do not answer questions you are unsure of or state server-related speculations that have not been confirmed.

If your plan is to apply for staff in the future, start off by helping others and contributing positively to the community. However, please respect that you are not staff yet, therefore should not act or answer questions like one. We welcome and encourage gameplay-related help and assistance, which promotes community and an enjoyable environment. We do not encourage commanding attitudes and server-related assumptions.

Regarding Account Security and Sharing

You are responsible for the security and usage of your ExpressMC and Minecraft accounts. It doesn’t matter if anyone else uses the account through any means, you are still responsible. We consider the account as one user and will act accordingly. To avoid any problems, please do not share your account or account password. If the account is shared, and one person breaks the rules, the punishment goes to the account, regardless of account ownership. Consider changing your password frequently to a secure alternative, and never give your password out.

ExpressMC staff will never ask for your account information. Anyone who does is attempting to steal your credentials, and therefore, should be ignored.

Regarding the Trade of ExpressMC Merchandise

Trading of any kind of ExpressMC merchandise for any form of real-life currency, gift cards (excluding the ones for our store), and Minecraft accounts is strictly forbidden.

ExpressMC staff does not take responsibility for the trade of any ExpressMC merchandise on the web shop or in-game. Therefore, we are not liable for any returns if any goods or valuables are lost during a trade. However, the scammer may be banned if there is proof (This applies to all servers, including Factions). This ban is permanent!

You may ask a staff member to be a so-called “middle-man”. The staff member will hold the in-game money/items until the other party has upheld their end of the deal. This method makes sure no party is at risk.

Any purchases bought and not received by the paid party are our responsibility. The player is to create a ticket or email the support address at to have their purchase reviewed and hopefully returned. Staff members (Moderator and Admin) do not have any authority in any matter regarding purchases, so just direct players to the email address.

Alternative Accounts

We do not allow the use of more than 4 accounts per IP (This includes family members). Any player found using more than 4 accounts on our server will have all of their accounts blocked. Please remember that you are responsible for your IP and any accounts used as a method to evade an accounts restriction will be blocked as well.

Kit PvP-Specific Rules

  • You’re not allowed to kill alternate accounts of yours, or friends to gain or boost a kill streak, stats, or other metrics that provide in-game progression to your character.
  • You’re not allowed to let a friend or alternate account of yours kill you to claim a bounty.

Factions General Rules

Click here to see the up-to-date Factions rules.

Forums Rules

Inappropriate Threads

Our server is for all ages so keeping our content family-friendly is very important for us and we encourage all members to maintain that rule!


Bumping means that someone comments on a thread that is older than 1 month and is no longer in use. We have this rule to prevent old and unused threads from coming back to the front page and push new threads to the side.

Respect Everyone

Respecting all players and staff are necessary for us to maintain so that our site is neat looking and friendly for everyone.

If you choose to disrespect or disregard them, target them constantly, purposefully make a problem of yourself, are consistently toxic or negative, consistently putting down the server, etc., you risk punishment.


If you have a YouTube channel you want to advertise, you can use this to do so and not elsewhere. You may only post ExpressMC-related posts here as that is the server you are playing on right now.


You can create and customize your signatures however you want as long as they are appropriate and not too long. If this rule is broken a staff member will contact you via PMs.

YouTube Rank

For a YouTube rank on, you need 500+ subscribers and an average of 250+ views per video posted as well as videos from our server to promote! If you meet this criterion, you must contact with proof of your socials and viewership to be considered,

We have a three-fault warning system on our forums, where if you break any rules three times or more, your account will get banned for a period of time. These warnings will stay on your profile forever and staff has access to these.