Factions Rules

ExpressMC Factions Rules

Strike 1 – Faction warning

Strike 2 – 10% Value deduction from the screenshot

Strike 3 – 20% Value deduction from the screenshot

Strike 4 – 30% Value deduction from the screenshot

Strike 5 – Disbanding of the faction

Every 1 month a strike is removed

Factions General Rules

  • Rules can be altered during a map. There will be announcements for official rule changes.
  • Insiding is prohibited. We classify the following examples as insiding:
  • Allowing enemy factions and/or faction players to inside/raid your base through your presence.
  • Mining, destroying, or taking value without the approval of your leader/co-leaders.
  • The Printer mod is allowed (To enable printer mode, use /printer).
  • Factions alternate accounts cannot be used to interact with or grief any players or other factions. Their only intended use is loading chunks in your own claims.
  • Creating cobble monsters is disallowed.
  • Splitting value is strictly prohibited under all circumstances. This includes sharing/distributing items of value, spawners, or significant amounts of money with aim of aiding a different faction in FTop or value. You cannot bypass this rule by leaving your faction or using any other method in order to perform these actions. 
  • All accounts under the same IP must be in the same faction or factionless. This rule applies under all circumstances.
  • A faction is only allowed one corner claim. This limit applies to both the Overworld and the Nether world (Overclaiming of these claims is allowed as part of a raid).
  • FTop is updated hourly. Value from spawners is given gradually upon placement and will reach its full value after 4 days.
  • Factions are allowed 1 ally. A faction cannot rotate between allies for KoTH, raids, etc. in order to bypass this rule as this is technically having 2 or more allies. 
  • Teaming with factions other than your ally during KoTH is disallowed.
  • Bribing another player to join your faction is disallowed.
  • Alternate factions and/or accounts cannot be used to evade or reset strikes or any issued restrictions.
  • B-Claiming is disallowed during the grace period.
  • Bans issued onto a player’s account may result in an entire faction strike based on the severity of the restriction and the number of issued bans.
  • Factions may not abuse F-Shield. Examples may include renewing shield consistently to prevent your base from being raided or renewing shield in different locations to prevent your base from being raided, etc.
  • Players cannot faction hop. This means someone cannot leave your main faction to join different factions to help defend, raid, etc.

Factions Base/Claim Rules

  • Factions may have a maximum of a 2-chunk airgap between your first wall and your “base”.
  • Factions may have a maximum of 20 chunks of buffer claims. The buffer begins after the outermost wall of the “base”.
  • Factions are disallowed regens or filters inside your base box.
  • Factions are disallowed any slanted regen/45s walls.
  • Factions are only allowed 3 chunks of Finnster walls and/or Anti-Nuke walls combined in your base.
  • Factions are only permitted a total of 6 regen walls on their base.
  • Any usage of an unraidable wall will be removed.
  • Factions are only allowed to have a maximum of 2 cannons and 2 cannon boxes within the buffer of your base. “360” buffer cannons are disallowed.
  • Encasing spawners in any block/liquid is strictly prohibited
  • Spawners must have a distance of 4 air blocks away from anything with the exception of other spawners. Spawners cannot be randomly scattered across ceilings in large gaps. All spawners must be placed in vertical pillars of 5 before creating a new pillar. Any spawners not following this format may be moved and or removed by a member of staff.
  • Spawner value must be in an active grinder within your base and inside a spawner chunk. This means you cannot separate spawner value in small individual separated boxes and you are limited to 4 spawner rooms in total.
  • Hiding value is prohibited. This includes spreading spawners in random claims, within and or outside of your buffer.
  • A spawner chunk needs to have at least claimed a 10-chunk buffer next to it (Or until reaching the world border).
  • Factions may not use their own or ally claims in order to “bypass” the 20-chunk buffer size limit. This includes creating strings of claims or randomized claims outside of the buffer.
  • Administrators have permission to remove random claims that serve no purpose or are “inactive”.
  • Any base that is deemed unreachable via ender pearls or with easy access via water is illegal.
  • A faction’s main base (Including any member boxes) must be made up of 1 complete shell. Your main base cannot be larger than 10×10 chunks.
  • If you wish to create a base near another faction, there must be a 60-chunk gap minimum for raid claims. A corner claim/base takes priority and the other base risks removal.
  • Factions are allowed a maximum of 45 walls on a cannon box within their buffer.
  • Factions are disallowed to use unbreakable blocks to defend, patch, cannon, or autocannon. This includes cobblestone walls, banners, fences, anvils, cacti, cobwebs, and any block that sand cannot properly stack on.

Factions Cannon/Raid Rules

  • Factions are disallowed to use sandbots, printer, or gen buckets to patch while being raided. 
  • Wilderness patching during raids is disallowed.
  • Roof cannoning is disallowed.
  • Extending buffers on your base or the use of a cannon box are disallowed.
  • You cannot place your shield on your cannon box.
  • Factions or players that interfere with a raid that has no ally will be punished accordingly. 

The following guidelines apply:

  • You may not interfere with a faction actively firing a cannon.
  • You may not interfere with the defending faction’s ability to patch or attack.
  • You cannot intentionally disable a defending or raiding player’s fly.
  • Attempting to kill members of the defending or raiding faction is disallowed
  • You may not use wilderness accounts in order to disable fly during raids without an alert.
  • Leeching is disallowed. This means after a faction has been raided by another faction, other factions including yours will not be allowed to be nearby. This also means that you may not go into their base, and start stealing spawners, chests, etc.
  • Cannon boxes are permitted a maximum of 25 walls.
  • You cannot have finnster Walls and/or Anti-Nuke walls and/or Regen Walls as protection on cannon boxes.
  • Administrators have permission to entirely remove cannon boxes with illegal walls.
  • You cannot patch outside of the buffer to your cannon or base.
  • Cannons or Lag Machines that are created to intentionally lag the server are disallowed. Factions may be asked to discontinue the raid if their cannon begins causing server lag.
  • Multiple wall one-shots are disallowed (One button press can only blow up 1 section of a wall).
  • Factions cannot defend, patch, cannon, or autocannon with an unbreakable block. The list in Faction Base/Claim rules applies.
  • Cannons may only go through one wall per shot.
  • Factions are permitted one cannon per raid. However, after 15 minutes after the last shot, you may fire a second cannon.
  • Any cannon box that is deemed unreachable via ender pearls or with easy access via water is illegal.
  • Multiple factions are not allowed to fire at or raid a base or cannon box at the same time. Allies may team up for a raid and will be considered 1 faction, and they will be allowed one cannon.
  • Raids are considered inactive 15 minutes after the last cannon shot.
  • A faction is allowed to raid 2 different bases at the same time or a cannon box and a base at the same time.
  • Firing once or a few times every 15 minutes to extend the duration of a raid is disallowed.
  • Cannon shots may not create holes larger than 5 blocks (This does not apply to sand nor dry walls).
  • Left and right shooting are disallowed.
  • Cannons that fire faster than 1 wall per 3 seconds are disallowed.
  • You cannot bypass the cannon speed rules with reversing mechanics or any sort of mechanics.
  • You are allowed to bypass the speed limit with a barrel under Y:15.
  • You are disallowed to cannon any cannon box from behind.
  • The following cannons are strictly disallowed: U-Fusion/Double adjust, Mid-airs, Multiple wall one-shots, Pull/Push nukes, Wall removers, Horizontal nukes, Worms, Sand wall bypassers.